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Slavka's Dream has been approved by the IRS as a charity. Make a difference today to:

  1. Help women to achieve status in their culture and society.
  2. Help women to provide for their families by working, and by going to school.
  3. Help women to succeed, rather than fall into desperation
  4. Teach others to believe in themselves, so that their dreams can become real.

Slavka's Dream Goals for 2011

Bring Iluta back to the USA for the summer. Apple Rose Group has already given her a job and an internship in Rehoboth Beach. Iluta will graduate in November. She is allowed to finish her studies as an intern in the USA. Her degree will be in Business Management with an emphasis on tourism. We'd like to contact a major player in this field, like Disney, Marriott or Hilton to continue her dream towards success!

Anetka, from the Czech Republic, will finish 2 master's degrees in May. Her main focus is International Development Studies, which involves assisting the poor in underdeveloped countries in the world. We will contact the Clinton Foundation to inquire about an internship or a job.

Slavka still struggles in Slovakia as a single mother. We did have her working as a massage therapist at the Whirlpool factory in her city, but economic cutbacks did away with her job. She's like to begin studying at a university, so perhaps we can pay for her studies in the Fall. She does have an offer to visit the USA with her son, possibly in October.

We'd like to bring an additional 1-3 students to the USA this summer on the J1 visa program. Typically, it can cost $2500 per student to complete this process, which includes:

  1. Paying an agency in the home county to gather their information and assist with the Embassy in obtaining a visa. These fees normally are in the $800 range. I'd like to explore having Slavka's Dream becoming a "sponsor" to possibly eliminate this middleman charge. I usually find the job and housing for the student, and take them to apply for Social Security. Purchasing insurance, which is required, can be done here, for a nominal fee.
  2. Paying the Embassy for the visa and SEVIS fees, typically about $150 and $35.
  3. Airfare. Summer fares can range from $1000-$1300.
  4. Housing. Our lawyer would like to see if we can pay the student's rent while in the USA, typically $100/week.
  5. In the past, we have given the students an opportunity to visit New York, Washington, Baltimore and Florida to broaden their USA experience.

All of the above would allow the student to go home with some money for the following school year, for tuition, housing and food.

As with Slavka above, we may want to provide a grant or scholarship to some needy students who might not be able to participate in the J1 program at this time.

Provide computers to those who might need one. We will contact Sony, HP and others for possible donations or vouchers.

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