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"My life has given me abundance. I feel a need to give back some of what I have been blessed with, to others who are less fortunate than I" ~ John Gamble

Over the past several years, we have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful young people in Central Europe online. Slavka, who is from Slovakia, was the true beginning of our journey into a world of unknown expectations and experiences. North America was meeting Europe --- new world versus old world charm. Would the glitz, glamour and fast paced lifestyle of the West be able to understand the cultures and customs engrained for centuries in our new European friends? Certainly, barriers exist for all of us, especially our languages. But barriers are not meant to keep people apart. Barriers eventually fall, as have the walls in Berlin and Ireland. We are all learning to share and to give to others. Our online meeting with Slavka led us to Europe. We've met Slavka in Slovakia on two occasions, and one day, Slavka will hopefully visit us in North America. You'll read more about Slavka within this site.

None of us here at Slavka's Dream are wealthy. Yes, we have material things, but we are ordinary people. True wealth is the ability to share what we have with others. Wealth may come in many forms: monetary, knowledge, understanding and caring. All of us, North Americans and Europeans alike, are gaining wealth from our experiences and friendships.


The education system in Europe is outstanding! We've found incredibly intelligent young people, but they all have one common thread, a lack of opportunities in their home country. Unemployment is very high. If one is fortunate enough to get a job, often the wages are $2-$3 per hour. Many lives are filled with hardships and disappointment. Confidence and self-esteem need nurturing!

A DREAM is a vision, a wish for something better in our lives. We've met people whose thoughts about dreams have become afterthoughts. "Dreams only happen to other people, not me." Our efforts have been to "nudge" our friends just a little beyond where they've been before, but this time, over the top. We teach them that it is okay to dream. We teach them to BELIEVE in themselves so that they can BELIEVE in their dreams. Once the belief in the dream has been achieved, anyone can BECOME THEIR DREAM, and make it real!

We strive to encourage Confidence in people, to always TRY their best in whatever they attempt, and if they fail, they must TRY, and TRY again until they achieve SUCCESS. POSIVE THOUGHTS are a must. No more excuses. We are the support team. We will be there if our friend falls down. We will help them to get up and walk beside them if they need our assistance.


Almost everything that we have done until now has been as if foretold. It has been a journey of DESTINY. There is a reason that all of us have met. So many things have happened in the past few years like the alignment of our planets. One thing has led to another almost magically. DESTINY!

We will do what we feel is necessary to make our friends achieve their goals. We might supply a computer. We might supply financial aid for education or job training. We might help a student find summer employment at a good wage. If a person needs medical care that they cannot find in their home country, we will attempt to find another solution.

Words cannot express emotions that we've already experienced: like seeing the sparkle in someone's eyes,seeing true tears of joy, or hearing voices change from doom and gloom to optimism. A few years ago, John assisted a young lady from Bulgaria with her studies. The girl told John, "I had given up on humanity until I met you."

Slavka's Dream has taken on a responsibility to make a difference in our world. Some people will accept this challenge. Share this challenge with us! It's not how much we do. It is a matter of doing something. Slavka's Dream has so much more to achieve. Please help us to fulfill not only the dream of a woman in Slovakia, but also the dreams of so many more people that we have yet to reach. Our new friends never owe us anything in return for what we do, but they do have a challenge. It is called PAY IT FORWARD. Each person that we assist is asked to help at least one other person, hopefully more, when they are able. This way, helping what started as one person, Slavka, will eventually touch the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands!


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Success Stories

Here are a few of our successful campaigns. Through the help of people like you, Slavka's Dream kicked off their path to success, but most are still stories in-the-making, and need your support to obtain the happy ending these tales need.

Success Story - Anetka from Czech Republic

"I met Anetka on March 20, 2007. She was looking for someone to help her with English. A year earlier, almost to the day, my mother died. I was a bit sad and lonely. So was Anetka, it seems. Anetka is from..." ( Read More)

Success Story - Slavka from Slovakia

"...I would write long emails to Slavka, asking her what her dreams were. She couldn't think of any having grown up in communism. Her self esteem was very low. I spent months telling her that she could..." (Read More)

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