Mission Statement

Slavka's Dream strives to improve the lives of young people in Central Europe over what they have. Life there is difficult with high unemployment, low wages and very little opportunity for self-improvement. We are working to nurture self esteem and to give our friends a true sense of worth. We are building hope and inspiration where it is often lacking. At some time in our lives, all of us have a need to be "pushed" to that next level towards success. We will provide the push. Slavka's Dream witnesses first-hand how lives can be changed once that person is given a chance. We've seen how caring and understanding make a difference. So many times we've heard "I never knew anyone in the world like you existed", or "No one before has ever believed in me as you do". Comments like these show that we've already begun to make a difference! Lives are changing because someone believes.

Each of the people we touch has different needs. We might help someone to go to school to learn a skill or a trade. We might help a single mother in need. We may take the time to teach better English speaking and writing skills. Or, we may try to assist someone with medical needs.

Giving of oneself is contagious. At Slavka's Dream, all we ask of the people we help is to give back when they are able, which will instill a feeling of inspiration and self worth. By doing this, we will be able to reach so many others who need the nurturing that we have given to a few. Slavka's Dream wishes to reach many with one common goal--- Giving Back. Become a part of that goal today!