Anete's Story

Anete from Latvia

I met Anete in November of 2009. She was really struggling with her life emotionally. She had no self esteem at all. I worked very hard to make her start to believe in herself. She needed so many positive thoughts. I'd have her one day, then lose her the next. It was my hope that she could be my J1 student for 2010, but due to finances, she dropped out of university in February of 2010. I tried to assist her with her university bill, but Anete refused. We stayed in touch throughout 2010. Anete moved to Manchester in the United Kingdom. I wrote an amazing letter for her to the admissions board at the University of Manchester, so that she could complete her dream to study acting and dancing, but Anete decided not to attend school in England. It just happened to be the year that university fees tripled in the UK, so things would have been difficult for Anete. She did enroll in online courses at a university in Latvia with a business faculty. She is still taking classes there.

But, Anete found another dream. She started her own business selling gardening supplies near her home in Latvia. This will be her second summer as a businesswoman. She is doing well, but her business is seasonal. Once the cold weather sets in, her business shuts down. She currently rents the building and land where her shop is. Her dream is to be able to buy the property. Can Slavka's Dream help Anete with her goal?

Anete spent two weeks in the USA in November of 2010. I introduced her to our voting process that year. She was allowed to watch me cast my vote. We spent time in a history class at the University of Delaware, and we met David Plouffe, an advisor to President Obama, at a university function. Anete decided that the USA isn't for her. I met Anete last summer in Barcelona. Anete is on the Board of Directors for Slavka's Dream. We discussed ways to raise money from Russian contributors, as Anete speaks and writes fluent Russian, as well as her native Latvian tongue.

How ironic that it was Anete who was trying to give me positive thoughts for the past several months, as I struggled with difficult times in my life!